I'm an artist who loves connecting with people.
I’m a Perth-born creative with a passion for people, places and stories. Since I was young I have been excited by colours and light, and have always been making things.
As a formally trained graphic designer with over 20 years experience producing marketing content, I understand colour, composition, and real life applications, which brings strength to developing engaging marketing collateral. 
In the last 15 years, I’ve pursued commercial photography, and love how it combines my passion for creating whilst seeking out new adventures and experiences. Photography artfully balances light, colour and texture with the precise settings of the camera to create a captivating image. When photographing people, it combines these things whilst connecting with the person being photographed (not always an easy task). I want to create a fun and relaxed experience for the people I’m capturing. I’ve been told my spirit animal is a capybara, which is considered one of the friendliest animals. It has a calm and compassionate nature, even adopting stray and runt animals, and sometimes providing transportation on its back for birds and monkeys! (lol).
I’m also an artist (a painter). In my twenties I held several solo exhibitions, so I’m familiar with the challenges of the exhibition process. Meeting other creatives pursuing their passion is so inspiring.
Connection to local community is important to me, so I spend my volunteering time being the chair of Northbridge Common, my neighbourhood’s town team. 
I’m driven by diversity, and love working with clients both big and small, especially those who promote education, arts, design, culture, health, and sustainability. I approach each project with enthusiasm and positivity, no matter how big or small. I can’t help it.
Let’s work together. I’d love to hear from you.
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